How To Easily Tell If A Skin Condition Is Dangerous — Or Not

 These tiny white bumps are extremely common and usually arise around the eyelid. “They are actually part of a scarring process,” Dr. Kourosh says, explaining that when the gentle skin around the eyes is traumatized through rubbing, these bumps can grow up in response. “They are actually proteins that are part of the skin.” 

Milia can be treated with a retinoid or retinol cream that increases the rate of skin turnover and coaxes keratin to come more quickly to the surface of the skin. “It’s kind of like inducing a slow peel,” she says, noting the cream is applied every day for several months.

Actinic Keratosis

Actinic means “induced by the sun.” Actinic keratosis is an overgrowth of the skin brought on by excessive sun exposure. These scaly patches are actually precancerous spots that do need to be removed by your dermatologist, Dr. Kourosh says. They usually appear on your face, arms, hands, or upper chest, and when they are removed early on, will prevent the development of skin cancer.

The Alphabet Test

“It takes a trained eye to tell the difference between something benign and something cancerous,” says Dr. Koroush. “So, if you have a spot that is curious, have it checked. The overwhelming majority of skin cancers are preventable if caught early on. You should examine your skin and have it checked every year.” A handy way to understand when skin growths may be problematic is to refer tothe ABCDEs of melanoma detection.

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